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Population dynamics of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) and perch (Perca fluviatilis) in the coastal waters of Baltic Sea, Finland

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Pikeperch and perch are important catch species for commercial and recreational fisheries in the coastal waters of Finland. The environmental changes in the Baltic Sea, intensive fishing, and the increased number of predators such as grey seals and cormorants have emphasized the need of profound knowledge on the state of the fish stocks and the factors that affect their abundance.


On the basis of long-term catch samples and statistics the population size and year class strengths of the species will be estimated, and models will be developed to study the effect of environmental factors, predators and fishing.

Impact of research

The results will be used for decision making on the management of fisheries and the predator stocks, aiming at a biologically and economically sustainable fishery.

Researcher in charge

Heikinheimo Outi, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute

Other persons

Auvinen Heikki, Raitaniemi Jari, Wiik Tarja, Auvinen Heikki, Raitaniemi Jari

Duration 2010 - 2011

Project phase: Completed


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